Ageing is Not an Option,
but Optimal Ageing is

orenda — My Road to Optimal Wellness and Financial Freedom

Orenda is the Iroquois name for the spiritual power that flows through all things.

Orenda products were introduced to me by my chiropractor in 2003 when I was really struggling. After decades of learning how to care for myself while caring for others, I had reached a new low. Although I had come a long way in learning what my body needed to heal and be well, stress, exhaustion, low cognitive function and a sensitive system still made life challenging. I was determined to continue on my path in helping others heal through my Craniosacral Therapy practice but I was really struggling. Debt and financial insecurity ruled my life and I couldn’t see a way out.   

Through the support of the Orenda products I had a renewed sense of wellbeing I had not previously experienced, and I committed myself to sharing the products with others. I am living proof that it is possible with time, energy, and effort, to have optimal health and financial freedom while making self care a top priority.

I am honored to have an exceptional team of like minded health enthusiasts, as well as professionals in the health, beauty, and fitness industries who have found the support of the Orenda products for themselves as well as for their patients and clients. I am astounded every single day with the power of these simple, natural products. If you are a practitioner interested in learning how you can experience abundance and financial freedom while supporting optimal wellness in those you serve, I’d love to talk with you.

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products — Health made easy

Orenda Ultimate

Today's complex science and recent breakthroughs, distilled into a few comprehensive products, designed to support the systems of your body in their natural state.

10 Day Detox Cleanse

A complete product system that maps to your body’s most important systems, Clean, Burn and Shape is effective as a simple 10 day cleanse or as your one-stop weight loss solution. Detox the body seasonally or kick off your weight loss journey with the only truly effective cleanse suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Get Started with 10 Day Detox Cleanse! The 10 Day Program will have you experiencing results faster than you ever thought possible. Designed to meet your health goals while supporting your lifestyle, 10 Day Detox Cleanse is the perfect introduction to the Orenda product line.

what people are saying

"I'm 61 years old and I've been a chiropractor for over 30 years. In that time, every type of nutritional product has come across my desk, but none has measured up to these. I take all of the products for men and have experienced spectacular results, as have my friends and patients. These products are amazing." — Dr. Richard Garde, Chiropractor | Lafayette, CO

"Being experienced in the natural health field, I thought I had seen it all. These exceptional Ultimate products are cutting edge and have completely changed my health. And since I am healthier and happier my family, friends and all my loved ones benefit too!" — Julie Fedeli, Mother | Chicago, IL

"Before Orenda, Cy was feeling the aches that came with refinishing furniture and Jacqui was worn from chasing kids around the classroom. The Ultimate products changed that almost immediately. After 10 years, we continue to have great results and support our long-term health." — Cy & Jacqui Bassett, Retiree & Teacher | Phoenix, AZ

"In my two years with the Orenda Ultimate Pack, I've helped more of my patients feel well and vital than in my 26 previous years of practice. I've seen so many whole-life transformations!" — Dr. Vesna Skul, M.D. | Chicago, IL

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"Thanks to the hefty income my Orenda business generates, I am able to care for my patients, pay all of my bills, and still have the money to enjoy my life and hobbies." — Shanhong Lu, M.D., PhD | Mt. Shasta, CA

"We love Orenda, and we love this business! Our office is the whole world. We have minimal overhead. We work with a team of incredible people and our income is creating a beautiful life for ourselves and our family!" — Julie and Dr. Dan Fedeli, DC | Chicago, IL

"It surprised me when I earned more from Orenda in a month than I made in a month in primary practice." — Dunuta Hoyer, M.D. | Chicago, IL

"With Orenda, we have time for our family again - vacations, golf, and getting to the gym. We’ve traded in the “good” income we had before for a great one." — Nina Golden P.T. | Moline, IL